The Issue

National Crisis

There is a national alcohol crisis. However, this crisis is under-recognized because we have become numbed by the unrelenting presence of alcohol-related problems. The national alcohol crisis has become our way of life.

But, figures and statistics such as these do not adequately capture the misery, pain and loss that many New Zealand families suffer as a result of excessive alcohol use. However, they go some way in describing the awkward truth – alcohol is causing considerable damage to our society.

What is causing the crisis?

Excessive commercialisation, including aggressive marketing by large multinational liquor companies, is a key driver of the national alcohol crisis in New Zealand. Alcohol is a highly intoxicating, addictive drug that needs to be much more carefully regulated under legislation than ordinary marketable commodities, such as fruit and vegetables (Hawkes 1993). Further, information about alcohol that consumers have the right to know and that the Government would factor into its responses to the national alcohol crisis, is being kept very quiet by the alcohol industry (Bond et al 2009).

Ten things the alcohol industry won’t tell you about alcohol