Regional Meetings 2016

Meeting presentation:

AANZ – Regional Meetings Powerpoint Show – Prof Jennie Connor, Dunedin & Prof Doug Sellman, Christchurch


Posters advertising meetings (three versions for each region):

Poster 1 New Plymouth

Poster 2 New Plymouth

Poster 3 New Plymouth

Poster 1 Tauranga

Poster 2 Tauranga

Poster 3 Tauranga

Poster 1 Napier

Poster 2 Napier

Poster 3 Napier

Poster 1 Palmerston North

Poster 2 Palmerston North

Poster 3 Palmerston North

Poster 1 Timaru

Poster 2 Timaru

Poster 3 Timaru

Poster 1 Nelson

Poster 2 Nelson

Poster 3 Nelson


Alcohol & Cancer Conference 2015

Hosted by Alcohol Action NZ and Cancer Society of NZ, Te Papa 17 June 2015

Conference Presentations:

Cancer-deaths-attributable-to-alcohol-in-New-Zealanders-under-80 –  Prof Jennie Connor, Dunedin

Biological aspects – Dr Jeff Upton, Christchurch

Clinical aspects – Dr Chris Jackson, Dunedin (currently unavailable)

Epidemiological aspects – Prof Ann Richardson, Christchurch

Community response – Jane Martin, Melbourne

National response – The 5+ Solution: Has It Been Enacted in New Zealand Yet?  If Not, Why Not? – Prof Doug Sellman, Christchurch

International response – Implications of the TPPA for Alcohol Policy in Aotearoa NZ – Prof Jane Kelsey, Auckland

Alcohol & Cancer Conference Programme


Flaunting it on Facebook: Young adults, drinking cultures and the cult of celebrity – research report March 2014

This final report is the result of a three year research project funded by the Royal Society of New Zealand on young adults’ drinking cultures and social networking in Aotearoa/New Zealand. The team is made up of an international multidisciplinary team of primary researchers, PhD and postgraduate students. The report can be easily downloaded from the Massey University website.


Action on Alcohol: Change is Coming Conference 2014

Presentations from Action on Alcohol: Change is Coming the 5th annual Alcohol Action conference held at Te Papa, Wellington, on Thursday 20 March 2014:

Opening Address -Sir Geoffrey Palmer

Change is Coming – But Not One Person at a Time – Professor Kypros Kypri, New South Wales

Change is Coming – Stocktake of Change So Far – Professor Jennie Connor, Dunedin

Change is Coming – Culture Change Comes From Policy Change –Dr Peter Miller, Victoria

Change is Coming – Will Local Alcohol Policies be Part of It –Rebecca Williams, Alcohol Healthwatch, New Zealand

Change is Coming – Call for Action –Professor Jennie Connor, Dunedin

Change is Coming – How to Make it Happen –Professor Mike Daube, Western Australia

Further information on the keynote speakers is available from the conference booklet.


The Perils of Alcohol Marketing Conference 2013

Held at Te Papa on 7 March 2013, this 4th Alcohol Action annual conference specifically addressed concerns regarding alcohol marketing. Conference presentations can be viewed via the Alcohol Healthwatch website  as follows:

Video 1 – Introductory Comments – Dr Geoff Robinson, Alcohol Action NZ

Video 2 – Alcohol Harms – Prof Jennie Connor, University of Otago

Video 3 – Responsible Alcohol Marketing: A Public Health Oxymoron? – Prof Janet Hoek, University of Otago

Video 4 – Where Would Alcohol Companies be without Alcohol Marketing? – Prof Sally Casswell, Massey University

Video 5 – Alcohol Advertising and Sponsorship: Young People Need a Sporting Chance – Dr Kerry O’Brien, Monash University, Australia

Video 6 – The Culture of Intoxication: Young Adults, Social Networking and Alcohol Marketing – Assoc Prof Antonia Lyons, Massey University

Presentations Available for Downloading

• Alcohol Harms (7MB)
• Responsible Alcohol Marketing: A Public Health Oxymoron? (0.8MB)
• The Culture of Intoxication: Young Adults, Social Networking and Alcohol Marketing (3.6MB)

Babies, Children & Alcohol Conference 2012

Slide presentations from the third annual Alcohol Action NZ conference Babies, Children and Alcohol:


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