Effective regulationUnfortunately, education campaigns alone and the hope that individuals will spontaneously begin to act with more self-responsibility have not been shown to be effective strategies. Effective regulation is needed to turn the tide of New Zealand’s harmful drinking culture. The 5+ Solution is a set of policy directives which are a real solution to the national alcohol crisis:

1. Raise alcohol prices

2. Raise the purchase age

3. Reduce alcohol accessibility

4. Reduce marketing and advertising

5. Increase drink-driving counter-measures

PLUS: Increase treatment opportunities for heavy drinkers

The 5+ Solution is a set of policy directives based on the internationally acclaimed, World Health Organisation sponsored, publication, “Alcohol: No Ordinary Commodity” written by fifteen of the top alcohol and public health scientists in the world (Babor et al 2003). It has recently been further endorsed by a paper in the leading medical journal The Lancet (Anderson et al 2009).